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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Julep Review August 2013

Julep makes cancellation a big pain by forcing subscribers to call in rather than allowing them to cancel online. They say this is for "security reasons," but all you need to share to cancel is your name, email address, and phone number. I think they're full of it, but luckily Julep lets you skip the month.

I thought I'd get out of canceling by just waiting for my card to expire. It expired in June, and so I didn't bother to skip this month's box. After all, you can't charge an expired card, right? Wrong. Very wrong! Julep charged me anyway, much to my dismay. I emailed them right away and they offered to give me store credit if I mailed the box back. Um, so you're telling me I have to pay the return shipping on a box I didn't even authorize? And you're going to give me store credit in exchange? Yeah, because my landlord totally accepts Jules instead of, well, dollars. Needless to say, I'm a little frustrated. At the very least Julep should have returned my money in the form of actual money, even if I had to pay return shipping. Okay, end of rant...I'm just really displeased by the (lack of) customer service happening over there.
"Can you believe it?" Can I believe what? That you charged me without my knowledge? No, I really can't...alright, for real this time, rant over. I love the floral pattern on this box, and August's theme is "Garden Party," so it makes total sense.
First look--more of that pretty floral. Obviously Julep knows it's an anniversary box, but it didn't really do anything to make it special in any way.
Forget Me Not Seeds ($.50?) This is the "extra" this month, and I'm not exactly impressed. End of July is kind of a bad time to be planting things, and this requires an actual planter and soil, which Julep wasn't kind enough to send along. Luckily I have both of those things, so I'll make an attempt at growing these, but I fully expect them to die when I leave for vacation. I would have much preferred something else to fit the garden party theme. Tea cookies, a headband with that pretty floral print on it, etc.
Double Step Foot Treatment and Friction Stick ($22) I think this is a great idea, but I have a similar product from Band Aid that costs about $17 less. Also, this has chili pepper oil in it? Who thought that was a good idea? I know I don't usually slather friction blocking products on until a blister has already started to form. Ouch!
Moisture Mask Trio ($20) This includes one single use mask for hands, nails, and feet. Sounds great and all, but no way would I pay $20 for a three-use mask product. Maybe $10. I will use it, though.

I'm pretty sure my frustration with Julep is shining through this month, and hopefully I've convinced you not to sign up. But on the off chance you do decide to, click here to give me some pity Jules. 

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  1. I didn't get mine this month because my cc got hacked (citibank's fault). i was so thrilled that i missed this box. FLOWER SEEDS?!?!