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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

PopSugar Must Have Review March 2014

I just got my box today, and I have to say, I love it. It's one of their lighter ones, but in my opinion one of the better boxes we've gotten overall.
The Full Box

Blue Ikat Brokedown Scarf ($72) This scarf was revealed before boxes shipped. This is pretty much unheard of for PopSugar. They are usually very good about keeping box contents under wraps. We got a scarf from Brokedown in September 2012 (my very first box) and this one is just as gorgeous. Brokedown scarves are super soft, and nice and light so they are good for spring and fall. I love the pattern too! Not only is it a gorgeous high-quality scarf, it's an exclusive for PopSugar subscribers. This alone makes the box worthwhile!
Baublebar Elephant Ring Tree ($12) Oh my gosh, isn't this adorable? I have been accumulating rings lately and I have nowhere to store them. This is cute and definitely something I need.
Jurlique Advanced Serum ($27) I haven't tried this yet. Frankly, skin care is not my thing, especially moisturizing skin care, but I can see why this would be an awesome thing for most subscribers.
Dogeared Lucky Horseshoe Necklace ($26) I have wanted one of these necklaces forever. Basically, the premise is that you make a wish as you put the necklace on. Once the string wears enough for the necklace to fall off, your wish will come true. Cheesy concept but I think these are so delicate and cute. I just can't justify paying so much for something that is designed to break. I wish this was silver instead of gold, but I can't exactly expect anything else from PopSugar. They almost never send out silver jewelry.
ActiveForever Mini Fitness Fusion Ball ($9.95) I'm really not sure how to use this, but the information card directs subscribers to the PopSugar blog. I would rather get something like resistance bands, but I don't have one of these yet so it might be a fun addition to my fitness routine.
Snapea Crisps ($2) I've had these before and just...nope. Don't like them. I don't like vegetables with strange textures for the most part. Luckily I have a more adventurous roommate who was happy to snap these up (no pun intended).

Nature's Bakery Strawberry Fig Bar ($1) I have had these before too. They're okay. The bready coating on them is a little thick for my tastes. I think I prefer Fig Newtons but I would guess that they aren't as healthy.

This month's box was amazing! I highly recommend a PopSugar subscription if you're looking for a monthly pick-me-up. It's definitely my favorite non-beauty box. Click here to sign up and check it out for yourself!

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