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Friday, March 7, 2014

Glossybox Review February 2014

I just got the February box today. Late for a February box, but I got it as a gift from a friend so I assume it was just sent out later because it wasn't purchased in advance. I have been wanting to try Glossybox for ages but for some reason I never have, so it was the perfect gift for me.

The packaging for this box is just amazing, some of the best I've ever seen.
The pale pink and deep brown color combo is beautiful, the box itself is high quality, and the way it is wrapped so nicely makes it a really amazing gift.
The theme for February was "The Month of Love." Pretty appropriate.
Skin & Co Truffle Therapy Serum ($12.50) Moisturizers are not right for my skin type, but serums work just fine, so I'm excited to try this out. This is a decent size, and truffle extract just screams fancy.
Lauren B. Beauty Nail Polish in City of Angels ($18) My toenails have been bare for a couple of weeks now.  can't remember the last time they went so long with no polish. I keep thinking "why haven't I painted them yet?" Obviously I was just waiting for this nail polish to come along! I painted them with it right away. I was worried this would be too sheer since it's such a light color but actually it only took two coats to come out opaque. The brush is pretty tiny too which is nice for small toenails. 
Pureology Colour Fanatic ($3.58) I use a protector spray before I straighten my hair every day, and I'm almost out of my current bottle, so this is perfect. I haven't tried this brand and I use this type of product all the time.
Anatomicals Wake-Up Under Eye Patches ($11.29) The packaging on this is adorable. The back of it has this whole thing about vampires and under-eye bags, and I'm a sucker for good copywriting. I can't wait to test these out.
Sumita Beauty Kala Contrast Pencil ($15) I was excited to see this. I am addicted to eyeliner, and I've never tried Sumita liner. I just recently started getting into pencils, and this looks like it will be awesome for the waterline.

I got $60.37 worth of product, and I paid...well, nothing, since this was a gift. Definitely a steal! I love the mix of skincare, haircare, and makeup, and everything was full size or a deluxe sample from a high-end brand. The packaging is really gorgeous too. All in all, a great box, and a great gift! I might have to buy a few more months the next time they have a special!

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