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Thursday, December 26, 2013

Popsugar Limited Edition Holiday Box Review, December 2013

I got this PopSugar box in the mail a couple of weeks ago, but I had to wait until Christmas to open it, so now I'm finally ready to share what I got! Each item comes individually wrapped which makes it extra fun to open.
Fatty Sundays Dark Chocolate Peppermint Crunch Pretzels ($6.95) I got a toffee pretzel sample from this company last month in my Birchbox, but it was obliterated since that box also included a can of hairspray. I was happy to get to actually try this brand this time around. I like the product, but the "peppermint crunch" part was actually not my favorite. I like peppermint bark on its own, but with the salty pretzel it was just a weird kind of toothpastey combination. Not great, but I really would love to try their banana cream or orange cookie (or just plain old chocolate) flavors.
Graphic Image 2014 Metallic Datebook ($70) I love the idea of this, and the silver color is gorgeous. Unfortunately, I use my computer/phone/tablet to keep track of my schedule, so this isn't a very useful item for me. I will be passing this along to a friend that prefers good old fashioned paper.
Winks by Georgie No. 3 'La Starlette' Compact ($28) I have never even heard of these, but they are so fancy!! They come in their own special compact so that you have someplace to store the glue and lashes since they are reusable. I try falsies every once in awhile and have never been able to make them work very well, but I am going to watch a bunch of Youtube tutorials and really try to do it right this time around. I think I might try to wear them for New Years Eve since I got the most dramatic variation (others got No. 1 and No. 2).
Erickson Beamon Rocks Hinge Bracelet (~$70) This isn't for sale anywhere, so this is a best guess based on the price of similar pieces from this brand. You put it on with a hinge instead of as a more traditional cuff or chain. I love the hinge since it makes it super easy to take on and off, but it's not at all adjustable. Since I have a pretty small wrist, this makes it pretty big and clunky. It is also way too formal for every day, which I like because I would never buy something like this for myself, but I dislike because I don't know where I will be able to use it.
Lunares Cheese Paddle with Knife ($69) I am using the picture from the Lunares site, because I think it does a better job than I could. I'm not sure how I would take a decent picture of it given that the surface is so reflective. Anyway, the handle on mine is a bright navy blue color. This is cute, but I would have preferred pretty much any other home item. I don't do a lot of entertaining, and neither do any of my friends, so this is just going to sit around collecting dust. This is the only item in this box that really disappoints me.
TokyoMilk Body Souffle in Chance ($40) This is amazing! You can't tell from the picture, but this has the coolest twist off top, and the packaging itself is just gorgeous. It smells great but isn't too strong; it is a blend of orange, apricot, and ginger scents. It is a nice thick whipped texture and soaks into my skin quickly and easily. I love it! I would never have spent $40 on this sight unseen so this was a great discovery.
Cuyana Alpaca Infinity Scarf ($65) I swiped this picture from the Cuyana scarf (so image credit goes to them) because, again, my photos couldn't do it justice. I love the color, and I love infinity scarves. The only problem is that this is made of alpaca, which means it's dry clean only. And there's no way I'm taking this to the dry cleaner, so I really don't know how I am supposed to wear it and keep it clean. So disappointing, since I love infinity scarves so much. I would have preferred a less fancy but washable scarf with another small food item. (Maybe some of that ChipZelPop stuff that the men's holiday box got this year?)

Overall, a couple of items were duds, but I loved this box! It is so much better than last year's luxury edition box. Keep it up, PopSugar! This box was $100, and is long sold out, but you can still subscribe to PopSugar's monthly box. Click here and use the code 3FOR2 to get a three month subscription for just $79.85! This code just came out today, but I'm not sure how long it will stay valid, so don't wait if you have been thinking about a subscription. It's one of the best codes they have had!

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