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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

PopSugar Must Have Review December 2013

PopSugar is always one of my favorite subscriptions every month. It costs $40/month, but I got this one for about $31 before their recent price increase.
Ghirardelli Squares Milk & Caramel ($4.25) and Ghirardelli Squares Holiday Limited Edition Assortment ($4.98) I won't complain about chocolate! I probably won't eat the eggnog or pumpkin spice flavors, but I am all over the caramel and peppermint bark ones!
NCLA Nail Wraps in Peppermint Lane ($16) I think these are adorable! I probably won't have a chance to use them before Christmas, but luckily they will be great year-round. I am thinking they would work well for Valentine's Day or the 4th of July too. I never buy nail wraps because they are a little pricey and I have tons of polish, so I like getting them in boxes.

CC Made Pistachio Caramel Corn ($4) I love that this has pistachios in it! That definitely distinguishes it from other caramel corn.
ModelCo Fibre LashXtend Mascara ($20) I got this product in my Birchbox a long time ago and it really didn't work well for me. It tinted my lashes black after a few coats, but the formula was extremely dry and it didn't lengthen or volumize much. I might try it out a second time in case the one I got was dried out.

Govino Champagne Flutes ($12.95) These are plastic, and while they are technically reusable, they are hand wash only. Which...can't you hand wash any plastic cup? I'm not sure what makes these special, except that they are prettier. I do think this was a nice seasonal item since New Years is coming up.
Mixt Studio Holiday Gifting Set ($9) This set comes with three wrapping paper sheets, twine, and gift tags. I won't use the twine or the tags (my cat likes the twine), but I used the paper last night and it was great! It is more of a newspaper-like material than most wrapping papers, which gave the gifts I wrapped a really cute, rustic look. Love it! The snowflake pattern was especially pretty.
Lulu Frost for PopSugar Bracelet ($110) I am not a fan of this bracelet for a variety of reasons. I dislike the two tone effect. The charm is heavy and clunky and looks weird on the wrist. The other side of the charm has a PopSugar insignia on it, and given the way the charm dangles it is pretty visible. I might have to take the charm off and make a necklace with it by adding it to a chain. I do like the charm itself and if it were a necklace it would lie flat and hide the logo on the back. I definitely do not think this item is worth the inflated $110 price tag.

Overall, this is a decent box from PopSugar. It has a whopping $180 value, but that's mostly due to the inflated cost of the Lulu Frost bracelet that I likely won't wear. I appreciate the festive feeling, and I will be able to use most of the items, but I don't think any of the items were really a "must have." I am still happy with the value for what I paid, though. If you want to subscribe using my referral code (and I highly recommend it!), click here.


  1. I thought the same thing about the bracelet - make a necklace with it. Also perhaps use it as a keychain, or decorate a handbag!

    1. Love the keychain idea!! I hadn't thought of that!