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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Co-Ed Supply Box Review December 2013

I'm in grad school so I don't consider myself the typical dorm-room dwelling college student, but I'm a college student nonetheless, so I decided it was time to give Co-Ed Supply, which is a college essentials themed subscription box, a shot. Co-Ed Supply offers subscriptions for men and women, but I went with the women's box.

This is the box that Co-Ed Supply ships in. I like the bright color! Definitely fun for college students.
The Information Card. This month's theme is Stayin' Alive, since December is a stressful time for many students. This side of the card says that you can sent Co-Ed Supply your ratty college t-shirt and they will send you a Co-Ed Supply shirt back. I'm not sure what they want with my old shirts, but I just donated a bunch and now I'm kind of kicking myself!
The other side of the card that lists all the products.
Ear Muffs ($12) These don't fit like traditional ear muffs; they are a wraparound style. I think this is a cute idea, but honestly I don't see myself carrying around ear muffs to wear when I go outside. A scarf, hat, or gloves would be better for me, but I like the practicality of these.
Loofah ($6 according to the information card, but probably really only $2) This isn't a super exciting item, but I was actually just about to pick up a new one so this came at the perfect time.
Numi Savory Tea ($1.33) I keep getting savory tea from subscription boxes, and it is so not my thing. I like my tea to be tea and my soup to be soup, thank you very much.
Sugru ($3.33) Even though the packaging shows how to use it, I don't know that I really have any use for this product. I guess I could make bumpers for my phone, but it already has a case. Hmm.
Mama's Magic Mix in Caramel Apple Rock Star ($4.68) I am not so much into freeze dried apples, but this is totally festive and fun. I will definitely give it a shot.
Dove Deep Moisture Body Wash ($1.37) I can't say Dove body wash excites me much, but I will definitely use it!

Kind Bar in Madagascar in Vanilla Almond ($1.49) I have gotten Kind bars in a few subscription boxes, but I don't think I have ever had the Vanilla Almond flavor. I like them, so this will be eaten.
 5-Hour Energy ($2.17) I actually have never tried a 5-Hour Energy, and this is in pink lemonade flavor which sounds pretty good. I am pretty excited for this one!

Papa Steve's No Junk Protein Bars in Chocolate Coconut Crunch ($1.75? This looks to be about half size.) I am definitely not vegan and I am okay with a little junk in my protein bar, but the chocolate coconut flavor sounds tasty nonetheless. This is going to be great for part of an afternoon snack!
Full box photo.

I went for the classic subscription, which is $20 a month, but Co-Ed Supply also offers a deluxe subscription with more items for $35 a month. I used the code ICEBREAKER to get $10 off my box, although I'm not totally positive if this code is still active. I got about $30 worth of items for my $10 purchase. I'm happy with it at the $10 rate, but I won't be continuing at full price.

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