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Thursday, December 5, 2013

Love with Food November 2013

Love with Food is pretty much always half "love it" items and half "hate it" items. This month's box is no exception.
The theme this month is Flavors of Fall, and it is curated by Chef Ryan Scott. See that little PopChips logo? I did, in fact, get one of their products this month! They must be a sponsor?
Sweet Potato PopChips I am really not a fan of sweet potato, and I think PopChips are just okay, so these went to a friend immediately. They are quite appropriate for this time of year, though.
Sweet Corn Crunch Dried Snack Hmm. This seems like a really, really weird snack item. BUT I love corn on the cob so I will give this a chance.
Laura Secord Maple Fudge I was really excited to try this, but it was a really awful texture. Really, really gooey and sugarey, more like a sugar paste than anything. I wasn't a fan, even though I wanted to badly to love it.

Dancing Deer Savory Shortbread in Rosemary & Sea Salt I was kind of scared of this one, so I gave it to a friend. She said it was delicious, but that it was both sweet and salty. Interesting!
Mighty Leaf Tea in Ginger Twist I love this tea bag! It's so cool that you can actually see the tea leaves. For some reason that excites me. I don't really like much tea (unless it is minty or cider-like), so I gave this to a friend.
Arora Creations Chicken Tikka Masala Seasoning I'm pretty sure this would be good on fries or popcorn if you're not interested in making the tikka masala recipe that's included.
Eat Natural Apricot & Almond Bar I love having granola bars to pack in lunches, take to work as snacks, etc. so this is a great item for me!
 Green & Black's Organic Dark Chocolate I love that they gave me two bars so that I can enjoy them on two separate occasions. I tried one already and it was good quality dark chocolate, though there was nothing super special about it. I also like the little pouch they included. I'm totally going to repurpose it to gift jewelry, or maybe to store rings (I always end up having them everywhere and then losing them which is no good).

All in all, kind of a mixed bag this month, but it's always fun to see what I get.
Use the code HOLIDAY2013 to save $5 off a gift subscription, and click this link if you are willing to use my referral link! Love with Food is $10/month and they donate a meal to a food bank for every box you purchase, so it's a subscription you can feel good about.

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