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Sunday, November 24, 2013

Little Black Bag Review November 2013

I had my eye on this London Fog bag for a long time. I didn't own a black bag, and Little Black Bag seemed like a pretty good place to find one

London Fog Blake Tote ($175) My picture doesn't do it justice, so I'm adding the Little Black Bag picture as well. This bag is slim, professional, and classic. It's also part of the "Weather or Not" line which means I can use it in the rain without worrying about water damage. The only things I don't like are its lack of outside pockets and the gaps around the zippers (i.e. if I had something small in my bag and the bag was upside down, there's a chance it could slip out even when zipped).
Nume Ionic Hair Dryer ($225) I honestly never use hair dryers, so I have no use for this. I'm going to try to sell it online for far less, but it might end up being part of a gift. Either way, it's a good high value item and I'm sure someone can use it. I think the zebra print is pretty cute too!
Xela Citrus Candle ($30) I love candles, and although citrus scents aren't my favorite I do like them. I ended up gifting this, but I easily could have used it myself. I hate buying candles since they get used up so quickly, so I love getting them in boxes.
Timi Lace Panties ($13) These are admittedly kind of a weird item. But I love getting new undies, and these are one size fits all, so I'm totally okay with it. At least I can use them (unlike some of the awful jewelry Little Black Bag sends out)!
Dye Ties ($12) I gave one set (the set on the left) to a friend. These are basically Twistbands. I like them, but honestly I like "regular" hair ties just as well and they cost an awful lot less. These look a lot prettier on the wrist, though!

I love my bag, and I got some pretty amazing extras this time around, too! I paid $95.90 and got $455 worth of stuff. I definitely can't splurge like this all the time, but this is a great value for my money since I wanted a nice black bag anyway.

If you haven't heard about Little Black Bag, here's the premise: you pick one "main" item, then Little Black Bag surprises you with several other "surprise" items. If you don't like your surprise items, you can trade them with other members for up to a week. If you're happy with your selections before then, you can lock them in and have them send out your bag right away. I love that I can trade items I dislike for items I can actually use. There's still a surprise element but also some utility.

Little Black Bag has free item promos fairly often (the dye ties were an extra promotional item), so I recommend waiting until they have one of those to order. When you do, use this link to purchase and it will take 25% off your first bag on top of the extra item. Happy shopping!

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