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Monday, December 9, 2013

Fancy Pants Food Box November 2013

This is a new box for me. I got a coupon code for a free box, and...hey, free is free, right? I had to try it out. Fancy Pants Food is $10 a month.
First Look
Snapz Zucchini Crunch I don't really like zucchini, and I definitely don't like it in chip form, so I had a friend try this out. She said it was "kind of like fruit leather." Um, ew.

Oats Granola in Toasted Coconut This was very tasty! It had pieces of toasted coconut throughout but the coconut flavor was nice and understated.
Lord Nut Levington Peanuts I am not a fan of tomato flavors, so I passed the bloody mary bag onto a friend, but I tried the jalapeno cheddar and I really enjoyed them! Definitely unique for a peanut, but not outside my comfort zone.
Hunt Mint in Citrus Ginger I haven't tried these yet, but I am curious about the citrus ginger flavor. I think these mints fit the "fancy pants" category perfectly. I love the packaging! I am totally throwing them in my purse when my current mints run out.

Cocomels I have had these before, I think maybe in Love with Food? They were good, though! Basically picture coconut milk mixed into caramel. The texture of these is great, and I enjoyed the taste too, but I don't think I would purchase them just because the coconut would get to be a bit much.
Kelapo Coconut Oil This product seems to be marketed to be used in place of oil or butter for frying, but I am totally going to use it as a deep conditioner on my hair instead. You can't tell me what to do, coconut oil!
There you have it, folks! I would say this box is worth the $10 price tag. You get quite a few goodies for that cost! My only criticism is that they included three coconut products out of six products total. Luckily I like coconut, but I could see this being an issue for those that don't.

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