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Monday, November 11, 2013

PopSugar Must Have Review November 2013

Finally, the snuggly box I have been waiting for has arrived!
BareFruit Sea Salt Caramel Apple Chips ($2.34) This is the third time I have gotten this brand of apple chips in my subscriptions, and PopSugar just sent out apple chips a couple months back. Send me baking mixes or chocolate, please! That being said, I'll eat these. I'm just not excited by them.
Maison de Monaco Strawberry & Blackcurrant Cream Preserves ($6) I am kind of scared of this. I am not sure what blackcurrant tastes like, and the "cream" aspect worries me as well. I am not even much of a jam person, but I will try this since it was sent. Definitely not something I am thrilled by but maybe it will end up being my new favorite product ever?
Illume Candle in "Nice" ($15.75) I was hoping to get this in the "Naughty" variation, but I like the scent of "Nice." It is supposed to smell kind of coconutty but I just smell a fairly generic vanilla. The coconut may come out more when it's lit.
Lands End Canvas Wine Tote ($14.50) The purpose of a wine tote is to use it to carry bottles of wine into restaurants, as a hostess gift to other people's homes, on a picnic, etc. I am not classy enough for any of these uses, so I'm going to use it to store extra plastic grocery bags for my bathroom garbage can. Hey, at least I can use it for something!
Michael Stars Folk Art Wrap ($42) I love this, except the print is only on one side. It looks extremely awkward tied around your neck. You can even see what I'm talking about if you look at the site images. Disappointing! This is also supposedly dry clean only. I'm not going to abide by that, though...I will try putting it in a lingerie bag on a delicate cycle to wash then hanging it to dry.
Absolute Nail Polish Remover Pads in Spring Fresh ($2) I tried these out, and they only sort of worked. I think that was more due to the fact that I was wearing an OPI Liquid Sand polish though; I will try them out again on a "normal" polish and hopefully they will work better.

The Soap & Paper Factory Shea Butter Soap in Roland Pine ($8) This smells like a Christmas tree, and I love it! I am totally curious about the shea butter in this too. I will definitely put this to good use!

The box also included a $30 CanvasPop "gift card," but the card requires users to spend money and is the same value as other coupons already out there, so I'm not going to count it as an item.

This box is about a $90 value. I'm happy with it, particularly since I have been wanting a candle/soap/scarf box for a long time, but it is on the lower side of the value spectrum for them, particularly with the price increase that just went into effect. I think one more item (or a more expensive food item/scarf) would have really knocked this out of the park for me. Still, I can't wait till next month! To sign up for your own subscription, click here.

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