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Sunday, November 17, 2013

Birchbox Review November 2013 (Box 31)

November is finally here! This month's Birchbox theme was "more good," and this month's boxes included Birchbox's holiday catalog. Hooray, I am so glad the holidays are finally upon us!

Fatty Sundays Chocolate Covered Pretzel Sample in Toffee Crunch This was the first item I noticed. Mostly because a fine layer of pretzel dust was covering everything. For one, this pretzel sample is TINY. It literally is probably 1/8th of a real pretzel rod. Disappointing since other subscribers received full size chocolate bars or chocopods. Birchbox should really consider that sending a pretzel in flimsy packaging with an aerosol can is maybe not the best idea. Not sure how to value this sample, but if you can't tell from the photo, this was also open (the upper left hand corner was ripped). I'm not eating it, and it's so tiny anyway, that I'm not even going to value it at anything. But if I was it would probably be worth maybe twenty five cents.
Laura Mercier Lip Glace ($14.93) Laura Mercier! I have heard so much about her products! I would have loved an eyeshadow from her or something. But a lip gloss? I'm just not a fan of glosses, okay, Birchbox? I wish I didn't get glosses from them and other box companies so very often. If only I could tell them "lipstick and lip stain only." This is a pretty shade but I'm really not a gloss person so it probably won't get used.
Ayers Body Butter in Midnight Tango ($4.15) What a great item! It kept rolling away from me which is why my hand is in this shot. I am actually trading this for a Chella pencil ($18 value...not a bad trade!!) so I didn't crack the seal but it's supposed to be orange and vanilla scented. Sounds good to me, but like I said, not as good as a highlighter pencil! I am happy with this sample though.
Aloxxi Flexible Hairspray ($3) Meh. Hairspray is hairspray. I have tried drugstore brands and I have tried salon brands and they seem to be pretty much the same product no matter what. I will use this eventually but not before I finish all the other hairspray that I have lying around. Note to self: use more hairspray.

Color Club Harlem Lights Collection in Baldwin Blues ($4) I am not usually a big fan of Color Club polishes but this one had great coverage. I only had to use one coat. However, I can only use so much nail polish, so I'm not very excited by this. I have enough nail polish to last a century so I really don't need more (not that Birchbox knows this, so I can't blame them).

My box this month had a $26 value. Since most of the value is in the lip gloss, which I don't use, my pretzel sample was crushed, I have way too much nail polish, and I hardly ever use hairspray...I can't say this box thrills me. That being said, I can't have a great month with Birchbox every month, and with the points system in place these boxes end up being incredibly inexpensive and well worth the small investment. And I'm getting a Chella pencil out of it indirectly--I've wanted one of those forever! If you want to sign up for your own Birchbox using my referral link, click here.

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