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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

PopSugar Must Have Review September 2013

I am finally getting around to this month's review. I got my box way later than usual this month for some reason and only just got it a few days ago. At least that means October's box is right around the corner! Onto the items.

P.S. You're Invited DIY Book ($17.59) I am so not a DIY-er. I live in an apartment, not a house, and I am just too busy a person to be so crafty! I am bummed that this wasn't a different kind of non-fiction book. Even a cookbook would have been better. Not to mention, some of the projects in here are just plain tacky. One of them is using stickers to decorate a coffee table. Really? Stickers??
Rifle Paper Co. Coaster Set ($16) These coasters are downright adorable! Unfortunately they are made of pulp board, which is a fancy word for cardboard, and those don't stand up to condensation too well over time. I would have liked something sturdier but I love the designs.
Sharkies Energy Chews ($1.48)These are kind of a weird food item. I will try them out for my next workout though, and I'm happy to get watermelon flavor.

That's It Bar ($1.67) I am curious to see how this tastes with so few ingredients. Very few nutrition bars are exciting enough to really thrill me, though.
Shoptiques Gift Card ($25) You still have to spend money to use this gift card (almost no items cost less than $25 on the site) and shipping is pretty expensive, so I am pretty bummed to see this item. Items that require you to spend more money don't count in my opinion.

Kitsch Headband Set ($11.99) These are super cute, but I just do not look good in headbands. I'd say I could use these to wash my face, but, really, I already have about a dozen headbands for just that purpose. I can see where someone would love them...I am just not that someone.
Barr-Co. Reed Diffuser ($45) I love, love, love the scent of this and it currently resides in my bathroom. It's a great warm vanilla scent that is perfect for fall. It isn't as fragrant as I would like but I will overlook that because it smells so good. I would never pay so much for a diffuser, but that's kinda part of the fun.

All in all, not a very good box for me, especially since I was expecting something great for fall. I still love the surprises PopSugar gives me every month, though, and the diffuser was an unexpected favorite. To get your own subscription using my referral code, click here. Save $5 off your first box by using the code REFER5.

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