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Thursday, October 10, 2013

PopSugar Must Have October 2013 Review

Hooray, my PopSugar arrived bright and early this month!

I don't usually do full box photos, but here's my attempt!
Julep Freedom Topcoat ($18) and Julep Nail Color in Char ($14) Since Julep is another subscription service, I already have plenty of products from them. I have never tried their top coat though, and I can always use more of those. Char is a gorgeous color, kind of a deep cobalt, and I definitely have nothing like it. I am happy with these!
The Can't Cook Book ($16.78) This is clever in premise, though in flipping through it I didn't see a ton that caught my eye. There was a lot of meat and fish and a lot of stuff I would call "weird hippie food" too (i.e. quinoa salad). I do like that it has a lot of pictures and the recipes are fairly simple, but it bothered me that the table of contents didn't list recipe categories. The coolest thing about this is that it just came out this week. Not a great item, but not a terrible one either. Not something I could exactly gift, though...unless I feel like insulting the recipient.

Jane Tran Bobby Pins ($12) Okay, so I don't know what on earth happened with these. I swear I took a picture with these and the brush, and it totally disappeared! I already gave these away, but they were pretty. Two navy, two grey, and two green. I just can't use bobby pins for some reason. Every time I put them in my hair they end up looking crazy and I get hair ripped out even when I try to be careful. So, these went to a friend. They were nice but I wish they were barrettes. By the way, these are pictured in the full box photo, along with the hair brush.

The Wet Brush ($7.19) This is the other item in the photo that mysteriously vanished. Sorry, guys. I really missed the boat on that one! This brush is supposed to detangle wet hair easier. I tried it tonight, and it did indeed glide smoothly over my hair, but it wasn't that much different. For some reason it seemed like the bristles were more flexible than most? I still think this is a fun and interesting item to include, even if it's not exactly revolutionary. Next, send me a rapid ramen cooker! (I just got one after I saw it on Shark Tank...totally a Must Have to me!)
Stitch Fix "Gift Card" ($20) I don't think I can even really count this as an item. Stitch Fix is a service that sends you a bunch of clothing items, then you send back the ones you don't want (and keep whatever you do, which you are then charged for). Great, except the gift card is only $20 and items average $60. I'm not sure if it's worth trying out in the hopes I might get a lower priced item.

NYX Smokey Eye Shadow Palette ($7) this really doesn't excite me. I hardly ever use eyeshadows, and most of these shades are too dark for regular use. NYX is fine in an Ipsy bag, but not my PopSugar!

NYX Liquid Brown Liner ($6) This doesn't thrill me either, but I don't have any brown liner right now, so at least I can use it. I'm going to be a deer for Halloween so maybe this will help with that, too!
Halloween CrispyCake from The Crispery ($3.95) Yum! I love rice krispie treats! This one was extra marshmallow-ey. I love this item for Halloween.

Bali Bead Bracelet This is another Gorjana item, and honestly? I don't think the $45 value is anywhere near accurate. $15, maybe, but this is literally just thread and beads. I think I would like this much, much more if it wasn't the atrocious highlighter pink color. The pink is supposed to be for breast cancer awareness month, but something softer would have been appreciated.

All in all, not my favorite box, but not the worst one either. I am a little miffed at where all the seasonal items are...and no, I don't consider breast cancer awareness "seasonal." I want hats and scarves and candles and novels and movies and cider! Where are all these things? In the November box, I hope!

PSA: PopSugar boxes are INCREASING IN PRICE. They will be $39.99 starting in November, but you can get them for much cheaper now. So if you were thinking about investing in a long term subscription, do it!! Use REFER5 to save $5 off your first subscription. Click here to use my referral link (pretty please)!

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