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Sunday, October 20, 2013

Birchbox October 2013 Review (Box 1)

This might just be my first box with four items in it--only three if you aren't counting the Birchbox "extra," which wasn't supposed to count as a sample this month.
Full box photo...I am getting better about doing these!
Pop Beauty Aqua Lacquer in Flowering Fuchsia ($14) This would be an awesome full-size item if I wore lip gloss. Unfortunately, I don't. I need to make some lip gloss wearing friends because I have quite the collection building up!
Klorane Shampoo with Desert Date ($1.54) This is a pretty small bottle, probably hotel shampoo size. I tried this out right away and honestly it's just okay. It made my hair really tangley. I would rather use Tresemme or something which is kind of sad considering the Klorane name. If Birchbox sent me their dry shampoo, I would have been all over it!
Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish ($9) This is the one item in my box that really intrigued me. The premise is that you put the cleanser on your skin dry, then "polish" it in with a muslin cloth (included) soaked in hot water. This counted as two samples but I got to review both of them for points so I'm okay with it. I think I prefer my Clarisonic but this was fun to try.
ChapStick Hydration Lock ($2.99) Chapstick is always handy. I haven't tried this yet (I don't like to open something like this when I already have a few open), but from what I hear it's nothing special. This is the "extra" and everyone with a Birchbox subscription got one.

Total value this month? $27.53. I feel that this is a particularly poor match for me, but it's bound to happen sometimes. Plus I got $5 back to spend in the shop for doing reviews. So don't worry, I still love you, Birchbox! To sign up and use my referral code (Birchbox is an AMAZING deal, especially if you subscribe annually), click here. Birchbox is the perfect starter subscription, and I don't think I will ever unsubscribe!

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