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Sunday, September 22, 2013

Golden Tote Review September 2013

I splurged big time this month and I got the $149 tote from Golden Tote. I tried out a $49 tote a few months ago, but $149 is crazy for me!! The $149 tote has 6-7 items, and you get to pick out two of them. My tote shipped via UPS and arrived fairly quickly.

By the way, I apologize for the photos in this review. They are not good, I know. Weird angles and shadows and clothes are not friends. Sorry!
All of your items come neatly packed like this in an actual tote. I love the new "Stay Golden" tote that they just released. It is just so cute! Their totes are very high quality.
Harringbone Shell Dress ($88 value) This is one of the items that I chose. I love it just as much in person, although it is a little too form-fitting for my tastes. I still think this will be a great dress for work!
Novelty Knit Dress ($88 Value) This was the second item that I chose. It fits beautifully. The way the waist comes in is extremely flattering.

This is an example of one of the information cards Golden Tote sends out. It's nice that they are so detailed! I got one for each of the items I chose. (This shows the black and white variation for the second dress.)

Sweet Claire Hoodie ($15? Value) This is such an awkward item to me! It's sheer, and it's short sleeved, but it's a hoodie. What? Maybe I can wear it on cool summer nights over sundresses? I don't know. Definitely my least favorite piece of the bunch.
Puella Dress ($88? Value) I was really worried about this one. The waist is pretty low on it so I was worried it would hug me in all the wrong places. But it's surprisingly flattering! The fabric is super soft, and if you can't tell, the neckline has this really cool twisted detail. Not to mention the charcoal color will go with absolutely everything and I like 3/4 sleeves.
Flying Tomato Aztec Sweater ($45? Value) I love this item! It's so cozy and perfect for fall. I am so obsessed with sweaters like this.
POL Black and Grey Cardigan ($35 Value) This is a great neutral piece, but it fits a little weird. Tight in the arms, bunchy and loose in the back. I will still totally wear it, though.

Most of my price estimates were just that--estimates--based on the other items the company has for sale. Still, though, it should be obvious that Golden Tote is an amazing value. What a good way to stock my wardrobe for fall! I highly recommend trying them out, since each purchase is individual and month-by-month (rather than a true subscription model). Certainly a good once or twice a year indulgence!


  1. I take *terrible* clothing photos. I think you did a fantastic job! I totally need to sign up for a tote sometime.


    1. I should have probably hung them on a hanger on a door or something, but I'm just not that ambitious. Clothes are tricky to take photos of! You really should try a tote out sometime. I am really loving everything I got this time around and October is shaping up to be a great month.