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Thursday, August 15, 2013

My First Sephora Order!

Despite loving beauty products, I really have never shopped much at Sephora. I bought a couple clearance pairs of false eyelashes from them about six months ago in-store, but that's about it. I did finally sign up to be a Beauty Insider, and when I got an email about a "free gift" for my birthday, I just had to go for it. I could have gone into the store and gotten just the birthday gift, but I would have felt really uncomfortable and cheap doing that.
Lash Stash To Go Kit ($25, valued at $51) So this is the "meat and potatoes" of my order. It's $25, and includes 5 deluxe sized mascara samples. But, here's the cool part...you get to try out all the samples, then turn in a voucher to a Sephora store for a full size of the mascara you select. These are super high end, too.
Here's the "Real Birthday Turn-Ons" set. You can get one of these 14 days before or after your birthday. They also have Jack Black shave cream for men.
I couldn't find sizes a price breakdown of the Sephora "free gift" anywhere, so here it is if you're curious like I was.
They're Real! Deluxe Sample; .1 oz (full size is .3 oz) $7.67 value
Watt's Up! Deluxe Sample; .08 oz (full size is .33 oz) $7.27 value
You get three free samples with every order, and I was a little curious about this one. I like how it has cleanser, exfoliator, and moisturizer all in one sample.
I always use shampoo and conditioner samples when I travel (better than hotel shampoo and way easier to pack), so I figured this should be my second sample.
For my last sample I decided to be sort of boring and go for a Tocca perfume sample. Of course, right after I placed my order, the samples changed and they're much more desirable now. But I had been waiting for a long time to order already, hoping they would get better, and they just kept getting worse. Boo! Either way, I actually love this perfume, though it isn't exactly what I'd call long lasting.
This was the star of the show for me...it was HUGE. I used a coupon code (YOURGIFT, I think it's still active) for a deluxe sample of Murad cleanser, but I had no idea it would be so deluxe! I did a price check and the sample itself is worth $7.70! I never have small enough cleansers to travel on a plane, so I'm thrilled about this.

Anyway, if you're thinking of placing an order at Sephora, now is the time! They're offering 2x rewards points on all orders, plus you can get 8% cash back through Ebates, plus three free samples (and they have really great ones right now too), plus an additional deluxe sample if you spend $25. If you've been hesitating, go for it! I didn't spend much but I felt like the freebies made it well worth it.

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