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Saturday, August 31, 2013

Ellie Fit Fashionista Review August 2013

I've always drooled over the Ellie Fit Fashionista workout clothes, but their subscription is $49.95/month and requires calling in to cancel or skip a month. I hate companies that make you call to discontinue your subscription, so I'm always wary about subscribing. However, they have adorable workout clothes that I've heard are really high quality in a variety of colors and styles.

Lucky for me, Ellie recently had a Back to School sale, meaning that all their regularly priced items were on sale for $25, and I didn't even have to commit to a subscription! I had an extra coupon, so, when all was said and done (shipping and tax) I ended up paying $47.15 for two items. Not only that, but Ellie is on Ebates, meaning I got another $6 cash back! I just couldn't pass that kind of deal up, especially since I've been meaning to try Ellie out forever. By the way, each month of the subscription comes with two items that you get to pick out yourself.

Oliver was VERY excited about this package. Every time I tried to drag him away to take pictures, he would come right back! So, sorry, but he's in a couple of photos this time instead of just one. He is definitely a fan of Ellie! Anyway, I took this photo to show you the packaging it comes in. It's basically a mega-sized Ipsy mailer. I like that, though. The less boxes I have to deal with, the better!
The Ellie envelope next to a normal Ipsy one. They're exactly the same, except for the size of course. They must get their bubble mailers from the same manufacturer.
Sail Away Tank ($69.95 Value) This is a great color, kind of somewhere between purple and cobalt blue. I really like the angled black and grey pieces too. The back is a racerback and has a cutout. This was tight, but it's a workout outfit, so it fit like it was supposed to, and I would say that both pieces were true to size. The top has a built in bra, though I think I still will need to wear another bra underneath unless I'm feeling particularly daring some day.
Nightfall Leggings ($74.95 Value) These are awesome leggings. I love the charcoal color, and the blue/purple seams give a nice nod to the top without being too matchy. I could totally see myself wearing these with a t-shirt to run errands on lazy days too. (I could see wearing the top with black exercise shorts as well for working out or sleep.)

I swiped this image from the Ellie site in case anyone was interested in how the pieces look together.

Both items seem to be extremely high quality and perfect for working out. The material reminds me of a high quality swimsuit, and I imagine it will be moisture-wicking during exercise. Love it! I got $144.90 worth of clothing for about $45, so I definitely can see the value aspect of this subscription. Click here to use my referral link to sign up for a subscription.

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