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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Level Naturals The Good Box Review June/July 2013

I got my second Level Naturals box yesterday--I was beginning to wonder if it would ever show up! Unfortunately Level Naturals doesn't send out shipping confirmations so you can't really have any sort of idea when (or if) your box will arrive. For impatient types like me, this makes a good surprise when it does show up.

I'm subscribed to The Good Box, which is Level Naturals' lowest level subscription. The Good(er) Box also includes room spray, and The Good(est) Box also includes room spray and a six pack of bath bombs.

Every month, the base subscription comes with one bar of soap, four shower bombs, a travel candle, and a secret item.

This is the card they include with the box. I think it's pretty attractive!
Travel Candle in Jasmine Rose ($6.66) This candle is incredibly floral, but that's to be expected from the scent. It's a little strong for my tastes but I think it will be beautiful when lit.
Peppermint Volcano Soap ($5.99) This soap does indeed smell minty, and it's a great size. Definitely "meatier" than your average bar of Ivory.
Shower Bombs ($7.99) These shower bombs have a very strong menthol and eucalyptus scent. I like them, and they're great to have around for when you're sick (they're very similar to Vic's Vapor Rub). However, they include a package of four in every Good Box. I don't think I really want four of the exact same product every month. I'll use them, but I'd love to see them branch out.
Every month The Good Box includes a "surprise" item. Last month I got a bath bomb, which is always a great treat. This month I had no idea what the surprise item was since it was in this drawstring bag.
What do you know...it's soap ends. As in, the little pieces of soap that get cut off when they're forming the big bars. I feel like this is akin to sending out day old bread. Sure, sell it on your website for a few dollars. It's wasteful not to, I get it. I would even understand if they advertised sending out soap ends in each box. But don't include this as my "special item." I'll use this as hand soap I guess, but I'm not thrilled with this item.

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