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Saturday, June 29, 2013

KlutchClub June 2013 Review

I got a good deal on a three month KlutchClub subscription on Plum District the other day and I just got my first box.
This month's box was spa themed, so I just had to start my subscription this month. Spa means lots of beauty products, right?
Happy Squeeze Fruit & Veggie Twist ($1.66, according to Amazon prices) Blueberry, apple, and...carrot? I know you're probably not supposed to be able to taste the carrot, but I just can't get past the idea. Give me blueberry applesauce and a couple carrots on the side, not this weird frankenstein puree. This would be great to trick my kids with if I had any.
Goldbaum's Pop Potato Chips in Original ($.64) This is the saddest, flattest bag of chips I've ever seen. It's teensy and I don't know if somehow there's a hole in it or something but there's no air in the bag to keep them protected. I'll try them and I bet I'll like them, but .6 ounces isn't likely to be terribly satisfying.
Immuno Viva Defend + Energy ($1.98) I will use these, but I'm not terribly excited for them.
7th Heaven Clean Up Mud Mask ($2.99) I love masks. I rarely buy them for myself, so they're really a treat when they're included in subscription boxes like this!
ThinkThin Crunch in "Trial Size" (~$.66) This doesn't list the size in ounces anywhere on it except to say that it's a "trial size." Looks good, but I wish I got two of them, or it was full size.

ThinkThin Chunky Peanut Butter ($1.99) I've gotten this in two other subscription boxes, and unfortunately it's my least favorite ThinkThin flavor I've had so far. I'll eat it again, but it's definitely not my favorite.
Tea of a Kind ($2.50) This is Citrus Mint Green Tea. Again, I'll try it, but I probably wouldn't have purchased it on my own.

So according to my price breakdown, this box is about $12.50 worth of product. That's a generous approximation since most food items are cheaper in-store, and I was using online prices. I feel like I may have been overly negative in my review, but honestly, this box retails for $18/month. KlutchClub should at least aim to break even, and there's a big difference between $12.50 and $18. I didn't feel like the box lived up to its "spa" theme, and I wasn't terribly excited for any of the products. We'll see what next month brings, but...I definitely won't be resubscribing after my three months is up. Disappointing to say the least.


  1. I was disappointed as well. I agree about the chips. I didn't open it but it felt like maybe a whole 3 chips in there

    1. Unfortunately next month doesn't look much better based on the spoilers. Can you cancel or are you on a multi-month sub?