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Monday, June 24, 2013

Love with Food June 2013 Review

This month's Love with Food box was packed with awesome goodies!
This month's theme was Summer Bash, and Love with Food definitely delivered!
Seaweed Love Olive Oil Roasted Seaweed - My cat loves seaweed, so while I'm not thrilled with this item, he'll be happy.
Turbana Sweet Plantain Chips - I tried the salty version of these chips in another box and liked how crispy they were. I expect these will be equally delicious!

Surf Sweets Organic Gummies - Like I would ever complain about getting gummy bears. Yum!

Go Organic Hard Candies in Apple and Blood Orange - I usually don't like green apple flavored items, but these were great! The apple was more like an apple cider flavor.
Smooze! Coconut and Mango Fruit Ice - I can't wait to try this push pop. It's waiting for me in my freezer as we speak.

Flavrz Liquid Drink Mix in Citrus Hibiscus - I tried the Starbucks Refreshers in hibiscus recently and was not thrilled. I'm hopeful that this is more citrus flavored than hibiscus though.
Do More Bars in Pineapple Coconut - This looks like a pretty tasty cereal bar. I'm not sure how the pineapple flavor will translate but I'm curious enough to give it a shot.

Soyjoy Pineapple - I'll eat this, but I've hated the Soyjoy bars I have tried in the past. They were super bland and dry.
Pur Gum in Pomegranate Mint - Full size? Awesome! I can always use more gum and mints.

$50 Naked Wines "Gift Card" - This item requires that you actually spend money to use it. I've gotten I think three of these in various subscription boxes, but I never use them because they're more like a coupon, not a true gift card. Plus, you have to be home to sign for the package. No thanks!

This is one of my favorite Love with Food boxes so far. I felt like I got a ton of items, and all of them are just so much fun! I think they did a great job fitting a beachy summer theme too. If you want to sign up using my referral code, click here

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