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Saturday, June 1, 2013

Jungle Stand Tasting Bar Review May 2013

I got my first Jungle Stand Tasting Bar last month, and it was full of stuffed peppers, mushrooms, and olives. Definitely not my type of food, so I passed it along to a friend, but I was hoping I'd like this month more, and I was not disappointed.
The Box
Under the Lid
Information Card
So essentially, this month's bar had six different flavors of brownie brittle, and we were tasked with guessing which one was which. We were a little unsure if the toffee flavor was actually chocolate chip, because it didn't have a very strong toffee taste, but had no problems with the others. They were all tasty, except for the cappuccino cinnamon (edible, but not good), and the chipotle, which tasted kind of like barbecue sauce and sweat. However, I was able to try every one, and for the most part they were very tasty!

The Jungle Stand Tasting Bar is only $9.92/month including shipping, which in my opinion is well worthwhile. It's so fun to sample food in this way, I just love it.

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