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Friday, May 31, 2013

Ipsy Review May 2013

Even though I've tried pretty much every well-recognized subscription box (assuming it's not coffee or dog themed) under the sun...I have resisted Ipsy like the plague. For some reason, I just haven't been that into subscribing. I guess I just told myself that I have way too many beauty products as it is. Which is true, but this month I finally broke down and subscribed. I'm not sure that I'll keep the subscription, but I'm pretty impressed so far!
The bag comes in this bright pink bubble mailer. Pretty cute and simple packaging. My favorite part though is that it fits right into my mailbox. No trips to the apartment office for me!
This is the bag everything came in. I think it's really cute but it's a little more summery (maybe July or August). I would have really loved if they made May a floral bag, but I still really like it.
Yaby Concealer in Buff ($4.85) I really hope this is pale enough for my skin tone, but I have a feeling it isn't. Foundations and concealers seem like such a terrible idea in these subscriptions. I'll give it a shot though.
Anastasia Clear Brow Gel (.085 oz, $6.68) I have never tried a brow gel before. I don't think my brows are particularly unruly, and they're light enough to not be too noticeable regardless, but I am still totally excited to try something so foreign to me.
Zoya Nail Polish in GeiGei ($8) I love Zoya nail polish, and I don't have anything like this. I have plenty of pinks but nothing so shimmery or opaque. I kind of wish I had gotten it in Blu (a shade Ipsy also sent out), but I'm happy with this one too.

Mirabella Colour Sheers Lipstick in Bellarina ($22) The photo really doesn't do this lipstick justice. It's a *gorgeous* peachy pink color. I've never tried Mirabella products before, but I think I'm already in love.
Pacifica Tahitian Gardenia Roll-On Perfume ($12) Ipsy also sent this out in Island Vanilla, and I'm SO bummed I got it in gardenia. I would have absolutely loved the vanilla, but I hate strong floral fragrances, and this is certainly a strong floral.

I paid $10 for this bag, and I got over $50 worth of product--that doesn't count what it must cost for shipping or the actual Ipsy bag. I wasn't entirely thrilled with the variations I received, but you can't go wrong with value like that! I'm not sure if I'll keep my subscription or not, but I'm definitely sticking around for at least another month.

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