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Friday, June 7, 2013

Julep Review June 2013

Julep doesn't let you cancel unless you cancel by phone, but they do let users "skip" the month. I skip every month with Julep, and this month was supposed to be no different. I got an email from Julep saying that they were having trouble processing my payment, and I realized it was probably because my debit card was about to expire. I thought "oh, I wanted to skip the month anyway, so, perfect, now I don't even need to worry about skipping."

Next thing I knew, I got a shipping email from Julep! I'm very frustrated by this because I did not want to get this month's box, and if I had, I would have gotten something totally different. But I'll show everyone what I got anyway.

My Maven "style" is Modern Beauty, which is general beauty products (not mostly nail polish like the other profiles). This normally would be a great thing, since I have so much nail polish. I have lots of beauty products too, but I can use those a lot more easily than polish. How many times can a girl paint her nails, after all?

Unfortunately for me, this month is the month that Julep released their DD (Dynamic Do-all) creme. Kind of a stretch, right? First BB cream, then CC cream, now DD creme? Really? Anyway, the Modern Beauty box comes with DD creme and concealer. Unfortunately, if you didn't specify a color (and I didn't, since I didn't know I was getting a box), you automatically receive the medium shade. I'm paler than pale, and Julep's "medium" seems especially dark. I swatched it and I'd look like an oompa loompa if I tried to wear it on my face.

Needless to say, this box is going to one of my much darker skinned friends. The box did include three pieces of saltwater taffy as "extras," so I guess I got some awfully expensive taffy. I'll be canceling my subscription in order to avoid issues like this in the future.

Here's the box:

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