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Saturday, May 18, 2013

PopSugar Must Have Review May 2013

I got my PopSugar box today! Of course I already looked at spoilers but I'm still always excited to get it.
Small PopSugar Tote ($2?) I'm all for branded PopSugar items, but this tote is a really weird size. Not a full sized tote, so I'm not sure what I'll put in this. It might be good for storage, but storage of what? Some people have suggested using it as a lunch bag, but unfortunately it's not insulated.
Kooringal Giselle Mid Brim Hat ($27.99) Honestly, I will probably never wear this. It's just one of those things I don't think I can ever "pull off." I found myself wishing PopSugar had just sent a beanie in the winter months, though. Maybe they will next winter? Crossing my fingers!
Way Better Snacks Sweet Potato Chips ($2?) I'm not a big fan of "alternative" chips like this, and sub boxes always seem to want to send them to me (along with tea), but they were okay.
beautyblender and blendercleanser ($34.95) I've wanted one of these forever but I could never justify spending so much on an application tool. Hooray! Now I can try it guilt free!
Pacifica Lip Tint in Guava Berry ($7) I'm always happy with more lip balm. It seems I'm always losing them and using them, so I can always make use of another.
The Mordern Cocktail Modern Margaritas ($8.13) These look so delicious! Watermelon, original, blood orange, mango, and strawberry--yum! I love that they're in single serving bottles too.
Mindy Kaling Conversation Cards ($13.45) I have a feeling these won't be very exciting to me but I'll have to check them out more before I judge them too harshly.

Charm and Chain Gift Card ($30) I have mixed feelings about this gift card. Charm and Chain does sell a couple of items coming in under the $30 mark, but almost nothing, and you're still required to spend $7.95 on shipping. I don't like having to pay for the items in my box but at least it offers a decent value.
All in all, not a bad box, but not exactly my favorite either. I'll use the lip tint, beauty blender, and margarita mixers, so at least that covers the cost of my box. I do appreciate the wide variety of items included this month and it does fit the season very well. My subscription just ended in May and I'm considering taking a few months off of PopSugar. There are sometimes good coupons but they always crop up when I already have committed to a few months, so I'm going to try to wait this one out.

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