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Monday, May 13, 2013

Little Black Bag Review May 2013

I don't get Little Black Bags every month, but if I see something that really catches my eye, I will sometimes take the plunge.

I told myself that the next time I went for one, it had to be a wallet. Mine is definitely looking worse for wear and I have hardly and wallets and no "nice" ones. Besides, a lot of the time if I go shopping or out to dinner or something I'll bring only the wallet, so I want it to look good.

Here's my kitty enjoying the box. This is how I "reuse" my boxes: for the enjoyment of our cats!
Here's the wallet in question. It's a really deep green color with black accents from Ivanka Trump. This wallet retails for $75, well over the cost of the entire package. If some of you are unaware, this is how Little Black Bag works: you pick your first item, then Little Black Bag surprises you with additional items, which you are free to trade within the site. So even if you hate one of your "surprise" items, you can almost always get something you love.

This was my first item, and I decided to keep it. It's a massage candle from Objects with Purpose ($20). It smells amazing, and I've been meaning to try massage candles forever. Massage candles have a higher melting point, which means you can pour the hot wax onto someone's back safely. The wax is made differently than other candle waxes, so it also turns into a massage oil when melted. Can't wait to try it out, and I could never justify this purchase at full retail price!
My second item was these Via Spiga knee highs ($10). The package shows nude knee highs but these are actually black with gold shimmer. The awesome part about this is that it comes with two pairs! I originally had a pair of ugly earrings but was able to trade them away for these. Score! The trading is definitely what makes Little Black Bag so fun.
The final item in my box is the Pixi Lid Last Shadow Pen ($18) in Bronze Brilliance. This is a nice medium brown color that will look great in a smoky eye or as a makeshift liner. I don't have any shadow pens yet, so I'm thrilled to be able to test it out!

I got $123 dollars worth of stuff for only $50, and I'm in love with all of it! I even sent my mom her very own custom curated (by me) Little Black Bag for Mother's Day. If any of you are interested in Little Black Bag and want to help feed my subscription box addiction, click here to open a Little Black Bag of your own.

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