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Saturday, May 25, 2013

HelloFlo Review May 2013

I've been pretty resistant to the "time of the month" subs since I don't have any problem with remembering to go to the store to pick up supplies. It's just not an issue for me, so why would I pay more to get them automatically delivered? However, I got a coupon code for HelloFlo, and I couldn't help but try out at least one of them, once. You know, for my blog. ;)

The outer box is fairly non-descript, so it wasn't worth photographing. Here's the first look. By the way, HelloFlo asks when you need them and has different "levels" to choose from. This is the "Medium Flo" subscription.
The goods: for the first month, items come in this cute fabric container for easier storage (since they don't send them in the original boxes). I got a nice mix of products: three pantiliners, four regular pads, two overnight pads, and an assortment of tampons. Unfortunately, HelloFlo doesn't allow you to pick which products you get and in what quantities, but this mix seemed to be really reasonable to me. They use Tampax and Always brands.
The extras: they also included a few sea salt caramels to help provide a little pick-me-up.
And for those that prefer fruitier treats, fancy french hard candies.

This box normally retails for $16, and I was totally happy with what I got. If I was someone who had trouble remembering on trips to the store, this would be a great monthly purchase.

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