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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Citrus Lane Review May 2013

I got a deal on a Citrus Lane box about a month ago and I can't resist testing out a new box, so I went for it! I think I got this box for $12, but it's normally $25/month. This is a box for kids up to age five, and Citrus Lane personalizes the box down to the month. I think it's pretty amazing how much they cater to a child's age. I don't have any children, but I do need gifts for people with kids, and I was shocked by how many of the items I'd be able to use as well.
The Gigantic Turnip ($8) This book is adorable, and I think it would be great for a wide range of ages.
Clean Well Disinfectant Spray ($4.50) and Deep Steep Moisture Stick ($6) I can use both of these, even though I don't have kids. I can see how moms would love them too though. Perfect for overworked mommy hands and dirty kid (and anyone else) hands.
Melissa and Doug's Kids Gardening Gloves ($5) Most people won't already have gardening gloves for their kids, and these are perfect for spring!
Snackimals Cinnamon Crunch Cereal ($1?) Any kid loves crunchy cereal to snack on.
Green Toys Planting Kit ($6) Hmm...I already planted my seeds and this kit only had ONE seed in it. Bummer! I'm going to have to pick up some other seeds next time I'm out.

Over $30 value, and shipping was included! What a great box for people with kids. This is definitely one of the best subscriptions for children that I've seen so far, and I was lucky enough this month to be able to use many of the items myself.

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  1. Awesome box - I can't wait to get my first Citrus Lane box! Unfortunately, their June box was already sold out, so I won't be getting a box until July. Ive been meaning to do some planting this year with my daughter - I just never got around to it. It's not too late to plant some things like herbs so maybe we will still try