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Sunday, May 26, 2013

Fancy Box Review May 2013

I was charged for my second Fancy box before I got my first, so although I would have cancelled between the first and the second if given the chance, I was kind of forced into this second box. I loved the purple box it came in this time. So did Oliver!
I swear I post more photos of my cat than most people post of their kids, but whatever.
Micro-Suction Smartphone Stand ($15) I'm using this right now to prop up my smartphone by my bed, and it's handy that it actually has a "place," but other than that I'm not finding it terribly useful.
Mizu Water Bottle ($20) Water bottles are always nice, but I have a few already and I rarely use the ones I do have. Also, not a fan of having the logo on the bottle.

TKO Watch ($95) I can't find this exact watch on the website, but the price sticker says that it retails for $95. Unfortunately I'm not a fan of watches. This is a super cute watch though!
Height Chart Fridge Magnet ($10) This is cute, but I don't have any kids. Oh, well, I guess I'll save it for my next baby shower.

At over $140 value, this is a great box. Unfortunately, none of the items appeals to me much, even though I can see other people liking them. I guess I'm just not cut out for the Fancy box?

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