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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Umba Box April 2013

I was a little surprised when my Umba box came in the mail today. I hadn't gotten any sort of tracking number or shipping notice, and I ordered awhile ago, so I definitely wasn't expecting it. The box is really small and unsuspecting, but it actually ended up being much fuller than I thought.

Two Maple & Belmont postcards $3.33 These are SO cute. Okay, so, I don't have anyone to write postcards to, but these sure make me wish I do! How adorable, and perfect for summer when everyone starts to go on trips.
Tangerine Shampoo Bar from Scum Soaps $5 I've already tried shampoo bars (I have one sitting in my shower as we speak) and I love them. I'm excited to try this one since I've only ever tried them from Lush.
Bluepricot Granola from SoSoft 7nola $2? This isn't really as "granola-ey" as I was expecting. It's basically a dry granola bar broken into chunks. I really like how the blueberry and apricot flavor blend together, and the walnuts with the coconut make this feel really hearty.
Skin Stick from Rinse Soap $8 Ugh, no! Not more lotion!! Lotion is the one item that I absolutely loathe yet I can't seem to get rid of. It will be interesting to try lotion in a more solid form, and I have no clue what the "fresh fig" would possibly smell like. I'm curious to see what this is like, but seriously, why does lotion seem so attracted to me?
Luggage Tag from Lovell Designs $10? Cute! I love how neutral this is. Of course most suitcases already have a discreet spot to store identifying information, but I still like it. Maybe I can do something else with it?

This box has a retail value of about $28 (if I don't count shipping or tax), and I think that's a great value! I wouldn't have known about any of these independent artists had I not gotten this box, and I never would have been able to order such a mishmash of items without paying a ton in shipping charges. All of the items in this box have a fresh spring/summer feel, and I'm loving it!

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