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Friday, April 12, 2013

Birchbox April 2013

I got my Birchbox today. That's insane, because it's only the 11th, and most boxes ship on the 10th. From New York. I'm nowhere near New York, so they usually take ten days or so to get to me. Needless to say, my Birchbox will probably never arrive this early again. Lucky me!

First of all, this Birchbox is the "Women's Health" Birchbox. My box didn't seem particularly health themed, but the premise was "tiny tweaks, big results"...which describes pretty much every product in Birchbox history. Anyway, this box included a free year-long subscription! I'm probably going to be moving in a couple of months so I'll be giving this away, but it's still an awesome value. You can even get a $10 "refund" check if you mail the card back saying you don't want a subscription, but you have to include your original Birchbox order, then of course mail it in an envelope with a stamp, wait to get the check in the mail, then cash it. Not really worth it.

Alright, moving on to the box itself!

  • Mirenesse Glossy Kiss in Flirty Kiss I normally can't pull off red lipsticks, but this one is a great shade for me and I think it would look good on anyone. I'm bummed that the product itself only includes the tip (you can't twist the end to make more product come out like with most lipsticks). However, it has a crayon-like applicator which I love, and I'm still going to get a LOT of uses out of it.
  • Nexxus Youth Renewal Rejuvenating Elixir Hmm, so this is a leave in treatment, yet it comes with a dropper for some weird reason? Maybe to make it seem more scientifically valid or something? Also, it's for "aging hair," and since I'm in my early 20s (and listed as such in my profile) this seems kind of weird. BUT I do have really dry hair due to heat damage so this will be great. Oh, and it smells SO good.
  • Folle de Joie Okay, so a lot of people hate perfume samples with a passion, but I kinda like them. Yeah, they're easy to get through other means, but at least I really enjoy using them...unlike lotion samples. This one is extra nice because it has a spritzer AND it smells amazing. Clean, fresh, young (but not Justin Bieber young) and not overwhelming in the slightest.
  • LaFace Purifying Facial Wash I hate the container this is in. I can just picture myself in the shower fumbling, trying to unscrew the top, get a little product into my hands, then rescrew the top on while trying to avoid getting any water in the container. Odds are I'm going to drop it a couple times in the process. I'm excited to try the product itself, but would it be so hard to put it in  a squeeze tube?
  • Simple Revitalizing Eye Roll-On I LOVE this. I already love Simple's makeup remover wipes since they don't leave a residue or irritate my face like most other makeup removing wipes. I don't have any kind of product like this already either. Also, it's full size! This pays for the box by itself! I tried it out and I'm not sure if it really reduces puffiness, but it feels awesome. I would never buy this for myself but thanks to Birchbox now I have a way to make my morning routine a little brighter.
I really wanted some color changing Red Wing polish in my Birchbox this month, but who am I kidding? I don't exactly need more nail polish in my life. This box suits me perfectly, and it arrived so early! I'm a happy camper.


  1. Hey lovely! I just found your blog via MakeupTalk and wanted to clarify about the Mirenesse. I was initially confused as well so I gave Birchbox a call and according to them, the pencil is indeed sharpenable; so you are able to get full use of the pencil. Hope that helps! I look forward to reading more of your reviews.


    1. Ah, yes. I was sure there was a better way to word what I was trying to say, and you found it: it's not a twist up! That's what I should have said! It just looks like there might be more product in the tube like with most lip products, but this is not the case. Luckily I don't go through lipsticks very quickly so this isn't much of an issue for me. Loved your review! It was awesome to hear how all the products are after you sampled them. You have me excited to try out the Nexxus and the LaFace!