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Saturday, April 27, 2013

Jungle Stand Tasting Bar April 2013

The Jungle Stand Tasting Bar is more of a "tasting experience" than most of my food boxes. It always involves some kind of riddle with lots of little interesting nibbles to try out.

Of course, on their website, they say "If you have any allergies or extreme dislike of any type of food or flavors, we suggest you not sign up at this time. I am kind of picky, but, hey, everyone dislikes some sort of food, right? Judging by the past Tasting Bars, this was JUST the level of adventurous for me.

Of course, just my luck, this box would be the first I would want no part of.
Oliver wants to try it!
The premise of this month is that one of the tastes is much more expensive than the others, the "Diamond of the Kitchen."
Oh, no...I hate olives, mushrooms, AND weird cheeses. This month is the worst of the worst for me!

This is what the tastes look like in the box. Really cute little portions. The answer to the "treasure hunt" this month is the "fungi cheese stuffed olives." They have truffle oil in them, (i.e. "fungi"), which makes them super fancy compared to the others.

Anyway, the Jungle Stand Tasting bar is only $9.92 a month. That INCLUDES shipping! Even though this month was definitely not up my alley, I'm really excited to try out future months that suit me better.

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