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Monday, April 29, 2013

Fancy Box April 2013

My first Fancy box finally arrived today! I say finally because I ordered this box on March 18th. It was supposed to ship on April 15th, but didn't ship until the 22nd, then of course travel time, and now it's finally here. Unfortunately, I was already charged for my second box on April 18th, over ten days before I received my first order. Okay, rant over. Box time!
Definitely a fun looking box. The inside has popsicles all over it too.
Memo Mountain ($12) This is kind of cute. I didn't have "workspace" checked though, because office supplies are pretty boring. Yet I got this anyway. I'll use it though, so I'm happy with it.
NYC Rocks Glass ($12.50) I guess this is useful, but I don't have any interest in New York, and I prefer larger (and matching) glasses. Meh. It's kind of classy I guess.
Paper Watch ($11.55) So this is a digital watch you can decorate yourself. Of course, I don't wear watches and I'm not artistic. And even if I was, this isn't an appealing concept to me in the slightest. I think I need to find a kid to pawn this off on.
Rainbow Honey Nail Polish ($25) This includes a bottle of red nail polish, a bottle of black nail polish, and cuticle balm. I have more nail polish than I know what to do with, and red and black aren't exactly exciting shades since I already have lots of reds and I don't think there are too many variations on black.

So, this box was pretty much all a waste for me. Technically the box is valued at over $60, but I never would have purchased any of these items, which is the real test of value. Hopefully next month is a better one.

The box retails for $39.99, but if you're interested in starting a subscription, use the code "20OFF15" for $20 off your first box.

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