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Sunday, April 7, 2013

Goodies.co March 2013

Yes, this is my MARCH box. Yes, it's well into April. I didn't get my box until April 1. However, Goodies was nice enough to credit my account with enough points for half a free box, so I guess I'm okay with the tardiness. It's the 7th now but since spoilers have been out for ages I haven't been terribly anxious to write a review. This month's theme was Rise and Shine. Hooray, I love breakfast foods! The only downside is that breakfast isn't the most savory meal, and I love salty snacks.

EIGHT items this month! Wow!
The first item listed is a "caramel filled Amsterdam waffle. The packaging suggests warming it over a cup of tea or coffee, which is kind of a cool idea.  This is definitely the right size for that. I was a little disappointed that it was chewy and not crunchy, but the caramel flavor was still delicious and I liked how unique this product was.
Ola! Granola in "No Nut Vanilla"...I don't know about you, but I happen to like nuts in my granola. And dried fruit, granola clusters, bits of chocolate...that sort of stuff is what granola is about, right? Well, apparently Ola! doesn't agree with me. Their granola is essentially oats with a little sweetner. And this exact product in this exact flavor was sent out in Love with Food last month. Very disappointing.
I must admit, this granola bar scared me a little. Greek yogurt? Acai blueberry? But actually, I LOVED it. The yogurt wasn't tangy like I was expecting; it was more like a sweet icing. The blueberry flavor was awesome and the bar had almonds throughout. Unexpectedly amazing.

I have tried BelVita's breakfast biscuits before, and I really like them. I haven't tried these ones yet, but the blueberry ones are great (they taste like a blueberry muffin). I don't know if what they're advertising about "sustained energy" is really true, but the serving size is decent. The only bad thing about these is how dry they are. You need some coffee or orange juice to drink with these for sure!
This jar is probably the cutest thing I've ever seen! But I already got this product way back in fall from Bluum, and I still haven't opened it, so I guess that shows how into preserves I am. I'm happy they're strawberry flavored, but I guess I just am not a jam person.
These are NOT breakfast cookies. If I'm going to have a "breakfast cookie," it's going to be a cookie for breakfast. The BelVita would probably be "breakfast cookies" in my book, but this was not. It was good, but it was definitely just a tasty nutrition bar baked up into a cookie shape. That being said, I would eat this again.

I have not tried this instant breakfast yet, and I'm getting the distinct feeling that it may go the same way as the jam. Who ever craves instant breakfast drinks? And who makes them? I'll probably try this eventually, but more out of avoiding waste than anything else.
I haven't had Fig Newtons in FOREVER. These aren't "Fig Newtons," though...they're just "Newtons" apparently. This package was equivalent to about four of the regular cookies in size. I love the distinct taste that carried over from Fig Newtons, but I wish these weren't triple berry. The three berries were strawberry, blueberry, and raspberry. For some reason this had kind of a tart or bitter flavor to me. Of course I gobbled them down, but I still wish they were a different flavor.

So there's the box for March, all eight products! If you're interested in signing up for Goodies.co, it's only $7 a month for a box of treats sent to your doorstep. Yes, that includes shipping. This is one of the more affordable subscriptions (and we all need groceries, right?), so I strongly encourage signing up.

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