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Friday, March 15, 2013

New Cravebox: Bikini Ready

From Cravebox: "This box gets you bikini ready starting with a fired up metabolism and ending at your perfectly polished nails. Indulgent body oils, smooth skin, a healthy treat, and a pact worth keeping round out the offerings."

  • Cravebox guarantees that a diet book will be included with each box.
  • The drawing is on March 27.
  • The box costs $13.
  • The survey has questions about nutrition bars, natural body oils and lotions, home waxing kits and mani-pedi kits.
I'm not opposed to a home waxing kit or a depilatory, but there are two things keeping me from this box. First, a diet book? No thanks.  Most of those books aren't worth reading. Eat right; exercise; indulge on occasion. There's my diet book. Secondly, natural body oils and lotions? I have way too much lotion and I almost never use it. Plus, Cravebox sent me vitamin e oil a few boxes ago and it was one of the worst products I've ever encountered. I normally wouldn't be worried, but Cravebox recycles products regularly so I would hate to get a duplicate. This is a big pass for me, but I could see it appealing to a lot of people.

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