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Friday, March 15, 2013

PopSugar Must Have Special Edition

PopSugar launched its second special edition box this week: the summer fun edition!

  • This box is $100. No discount codes may be used.
  • There is no guaranteed retail value of this box, which strikes me as a little odd.
  • It ships mid-May. Shipping is included in the $100 price tag.
I'm not a huge fan of summer (I may be the only person on the planet), so this box seems like it would be terrible for me. But just because I don't love summer, that doesn't mean I don't love some summer products! I didn't love the luxury edition box because I didn't appreciate the "luxury" of $50 lotion (and other expensive items), but this isn't billed as luxury, so I couldn't resist. My predictions: sunblock/tanning lotion/tanning wipes, a beach read, sunglasses, maybe a nice towel. Tune in mid-May to see what I get!

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