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Saturday, March 16, 2013

DEAL ALERT! Golden Tote

  • Golden Tote offers two tote options each month, the $49 tote (with 2 items, up to $200 value) and the $149 tote (with 6-7 items, up to $600 value).
  • With the small tote, you choose one of the items, and Golden Tote chooses the other. With the larger tote, you choose two of the items, and Golden Tote chooses the rest. I like this system--that means that no matter what, I am sure to get at least something that really suits my tastes.
  • Each month, the items you can choose from change.
  • Golden Tote allows you to choose from small, medium, and large sizes. They have a style profile which asks questions about your age, what styles fit you, and what colors and accessories you don't like.
  • The deal: $10 off with the code 10DELAY.

I decided to spring for the small tote this month to try this service out. The sweater above was the item I picked out for myself. Can't wait to see what else they include! Fair warning, though: shipping ran me $12.67, and that was the cheapest option. Most sub boxes include shipping in their price, so that's kind of a disappointment and definitely deters me from wanting to order again.

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