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Saturday, March 16, 2013

Little Black Bag March 2013

This month I decided to get a Little Black Bag. Technically I have a subscription, but I skip every month, then just buy something if I absolutely fall in love with it. Well, I fell in love this month, and I just couldn't resist.

  • You can choose a $49.95 item or a $29.95 item.
  • For the $49.95 bag, you choose one item and LBB chooses 2-3 more. The bags are guaranteed to retail for $100-$140.
  • For the $29.95 bag, you choose one item and LBB chooses 1-2 more. The bags are guaranteed to retail for $50-$70.
  • The best part about LBB is that you get to trade your items if you don't like them! I usually don't love what I get originally, but it's really easy to trade for items you do want. For the small bag, you get 3 days to trade. For the large bag, you get 7 days to trade.
Okay, so, let's get to the bag!

I just love the way LBB handles their packaging! I think it's super adorable, and each item was well-wrapped. You can tell that these items are premium quality, and they are NOT factory rejects.
First, here's the bag I picked:

I love this in person even more than I did online! The first photo actually shows a magnetic opening to an outside pocket. This is going to be perfect for books or my iPad! I thought this was just for decoration or opened into the main compartment, but nope! Definitely a pleasant surprise. This is THE perfect bag! The second photo shows a handy little outside pocket, which I also love of course. This bag retails for $77.

The next item is the "Polynesian Pearl" pillar candle from Goose Creek. The scent is described as "a cashmere blanket on a cool night while enjoying vanilla blossom, sugared raspberry, iced coconut and sandalwood milk." Hmm. I didn't quite get that, but vanilla, coconut, raspberry, and sandalwood are all definitely there. This candle retails for $12.

Finally, the Vanilla Wonderland candle from Goose Creek. Originally I had a pair of earrings that I didn't care for, so I traded for this. I love candles, so I can always use more! This one is a vanilla peppermint combination. I love the jar this comes in, but the lid isn't vacuum sealed. I always pick it up from the lid, then I feel like an idiot when the candle doesn't come with it. This one retails for $20. That means my bag retails for $109! Definitely a steal since I only paid $49.95.

I LOVE Little Black Bag! The packaging is great, the items are premium, and trading can be really fun if you have time to do it. Plus, you can always be certain that you'll end up with items you like. If you're interested in your own Little Black Bag, they're running a promotion for a free $17 hair spray with every order. Go for it! I highly recommend it.

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