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Saturday, March 16, 2013

Graze Box

This is my 7th Graze box, and I've been loving their service so far. 1 week, 4 snacks, 5 dollars. Not a bad deal, especially since I never have enough healthy(ish), individually packaged snacks for school or work.

The first thing I decided to try was the Jaffa Cake. I love chocolate oranges, so I was pretty excited to give this one a shot, especially since I've heard others RAVE about the infused raisins (these happen to be orange infused). Hazelnuts are awesome, so no complaints there, and I hadn't gotten dark chocolate from Graze before but I love it. The raisins that I was so excited about, however, were not all I was hoping to be. I really liked the orange flavor paired with the chocolate, but there was something just off about them. I can't describe it in any other way but stale-tasting. I didn't even eat them all. I have high hopes for the other infused raisins still though.

I've already tried the apple cinnamon flapjack, but it's set as a "love" so I got it again. Not that I mind, since it's one of the favorite items I've received so far. The flapjacks are like soft granola bars, and the apple cinnamon one is awesome. It has tiny bits of apple in it with just a hint of cinnamon flavor. The only downside is that the flapjacks are higher in calories than most Graze snacks. I think this one is about 240. However, I would also argue that they're tastier and more filling, so there is that. I also love that they're cut into little bars like that. They're definitely not bite sized but way more manageable that way.

The tropical daiquiri fits its description quite well. The problem is, I'm not too into my food tasting like drinks. I really didn't like this one. The dried pineapple was kind of tasty once you chewed on it a bit, but the green mango and the lime raisins was way too tart. Imagine limeade in food form and this is it.

Finally, the nacho libre. I'm not a big fan of almonds or tomato flavor, so I was surprised when I loved the salsa almonds. They tasted more like a smoky slightly spicy barbecue flavor than anything, so no complaints there. The jumbo chili corn was just okay. I don't like Corn Nut type snacks so that was to be expected. The first ingredient in the cheesy sombreros is rice, but I swear these taste like corn as well. I did enjoy the thin and crispy texture but I wish they tasted a little cheesier.

I still have an invitation code (those are scarce these days now that we're all limited to one each!), so feel free to contact me, and it's all yours (whoever is first that is). These boxes provide tasty snacks to take with you or eat at home, and they're usually not terrible for you either. I also like that I have 90 snacks to choose from and that I can trash options I'm not interested in. Definitely a winner of a box!


  1. is the code still available? If it is my contact info is in my profile. Thanks!

    1. Yep, I'll send it out right now! :)

  2. If you have another one I would be dearly grateful!

    1. Hi Nicole,

      I'll try to talk my boyfriend into giving out his code to the first commenter next time around--I'm going to be reviewing a second Graze box this week sometime soon, so watch out for the post!