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Thursday, April 17, 2014

PopSugar Must Have Review April 2014

Spoilers were leaked early on this box, so I've known what was in it for a very long time. Now I can actually use the things I've been drooling over for so long!
First Look
Nature Box PopSugar Must Have Mix ($4) I think it's super cool that Nature Box custom made a mix for PopSugar subscribers. But the contents? Bleh. The almonds and cranberries are okay; corn and soybeans not so much. This is just not my kind of snack mix.

Why couldn't they have sent some of their banana bread granola, pistachio clusters, or sourdough cheddar pretzels? Lots of Nature Box snacks sound good, and you can get 50% off your first box with the code POPSUGAR. I don't think I'll be subscribing because Nature Box doesn't allow you to cancel or skip the month unless you call in. It's my belief that if I can sign up quickly and easily online, I should be able to cancel just as easily. I might get one of those prepaid Visa cards to test this subscription out without the commitment.
Fresh Pastry Stand Tea Towels in Totally Awesome ($18) This is super cool. These tea towels are from an Etsy store. Etsy! I have no idea how they produced so many towels, but I hope we get more of this sort of stuff in the future. I'm not a huge fan of the "Totally Awesome" print, especially considering all the other cute vintage patterns in their shop, but I'm happy to see a home item being featured. Totally useful (and awesome). I am very tempted to get some of their nautical and/or cat print towels.
Graphic Image Run the World Pocket Notes ($20) I don't think I've ever owned such a fancy notebook, and I'm loving it! This is a gorgeous purpley blue shade, and the cover is leather. The sides are embossed with silver. I'm in grad school, so anything for note-taking is great, and I love that this will easily fit in my purse.
Caldrea Hand Soap in Rosewater Driftwood ($10.50) I wanted to open this up right away, but I made myself wait since I have plenty of hand soap in use right now. The scent sounds amazing though. I'm usually not big on florals, but I think the driftwood (it's supposed to be a cedar-like smell) will really balance it out nicely. I'm moving this right to the front of my hand soap line. The fact that I have a "hand soap line" means I probably buy too much hand soap, but I use soap all the time so I like to stock up on quality products!
Too Faced Natural Eyes Palette ($36) This is easily the centerpiece of the box. Look at these amazing shades! I have Naked 2 but I'm still very excited to try this out. I've never gotten to try any Too Faced products and this is the perfect start. Love this, especially since the main shades are in much bigger pans! I'm going to have this palette for a very long time.

Blue Avocado Collapsible Tote Bag ($24.99) Okay, so I thought I would never be able to fit this back in the tiny little pouch once I opened it up, but it actually was super easy! The pouch itself is also the (sturdy) bottom of the bag, so I won't have to worry about losing it. I LOVE the print and the color scheme is great too. I don't use reusable bags when I go shopping much since I like to re-use bags for my bathroom trash can, but I can totally see this as an overnight bag.

There you have it, folks! Aside from that snack mix (that's going to my roommate), everything is going to be well loved. This is definitely one of my favorite PopSugar boxes to date. I really hope PopSugar continues in this direction. If you want to use my referral link, click here. Don't forget to use the code REFER5 to get $5 off your first box.

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