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Monday, December 23, 2013

Love with Food Review December 2013 ("Winter Wonderland")

Love with Food has a Winter Wonderland theme for December. I think the box certainly fits the theme, and I'm loving it! Love with Food is $10/month, and the company donates a meal to a food bank for every box that they ship.
The front of the information card. The back lists all the items. I love the cartoons they have on these cards. Adorable!
Donsuemor Chocolate Dipped Madeline Yum! This was more like a cake than a cookie, which I think is typical of madelines. I really enjoyed it.

34 Degrees Savory Crisps in Natural I don't think I have ever had a blander cracker. These kind of remind me of communion wafers. I think they would be a lot better with a spread, dip, or cheese, but on their own they couldn't be more boring.
Grey Ghost Bakery Molasses Spice Cookies These were amazing. They were soft, but not with an artificial flavor that some soft packaged cookies tend to have. They had a really nice spiced flavor, kind of gingerbread-y. Perfect for the season.
Desert Gardens Spinach Dip Mix I'm not big on dips, and I don't really like spinach either, so this isn't for me. I'm sure I have a friend that can use it, though.
St. Claire's Organics Peppermints I haven't tried these yet, mostly because the package isn't resealable. I am not going to eat all fifteen mints in one sitting, so it would be nice if the packaging was a little different. It would be nice to be able to keep them in my purse or car without having to worry about them spilling all over the place.

Snow Angell Organic Candy Bar I had this and it was awesome! It is a candy bar with coconut and almond slivers coated in white chocolate. It was kind of like a white chocolate Almond Joy basically. Really sweet; I think I prefer milk or dark chocolate but the white chocolate was a nice change of pace.
Madyson's Marshmallows Marshmallow Beverage Topper I had this last night, and it was so cool! The marshmallow is an amazing soft texture, and it fit just right in my mug and melted perfectly over the cocoa.

Chocolate en Poudre Drinking Chocolate I paired this with the marshmallow (I am glad they included cocoa to go with it), and it was pretty great too! I am not sure if it was the cocoa or the marshmallow (or both), but I haven't had such a good cup of cocoa in a long, long time! I added a pinch of salt to my cocoa to bring out the flavor a little better (I learned this trick in Modern Family).
Lindt Excellence 70% Cocoa Square This was the perfect dark chocolate. Not too bitter, not too sweet. The square was teeny tiny but it made for a great treat after lunch.
Food Should Taste Good Sweet Potato Tortilla Chips I am so not a sweet potato person, but plenty of friends are, so this will be passed along to someone who can appreciate it.
Love with Food Reusable Grocery Bag I love this extra! So handy, and it still fits the "food" concept.

This was one of my favorite Love with Food boxes ever, and it totally got me in the holiday spirit. Use the code FB7OFF to get your first box for only $5. If you want to try out a subscription for yourself, click here to use my referral link. 

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