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Friday, June 21, 2013

Target Beauty Box Trial Box Review

Target decided to test the subscription box waters and offer a beauty box for $5, including shipping. I just couldn't pass up the deal, so I decided to go for it. I got my box today...but it got sent to my billing address, not my shipping address. Other people have had this problem too. Luckily my mom still lives at my billing address, but seriously guys? What if I had moved?
I was already mad enough that Target sent my box to the wrong address. But look, this is the outside of the box. See how it is addressed to me "OR CURRENT RESIDENT?" What?? Not only do they send it to the wrong place, but they give the wrong person permission to open the box that I paid for?! I know it's only five dollars, but on principle this enrages me.
The box was a nice, plain white box (I can totally reuse it for gifts), wrapped in this nice Target sleeve. Exciting!
First look. This coupon ($3 off a $15 beauty purchase) is pretty great, but look at the expiration date. 6/22/13? That's tomorrow! How ridiculous. The box was literally delivered by USPS today. Come on, guys.
Gilette Venus & Olay Razor ($8.99) I already use this style of razor and have one of the handles, but they get kind of gunked up over time and I like to replace them occasionally. Plus this comes with a blade, and those are expensive!

L'Oreal Magic Skin Beautifying BB Cream (Sample) I love that this comes in a "light" shade instead of a medium. Finally, a BB cream sample I can use!

Sally Hansen Salon Effects Strips in Queen of the Jungle ($8.50) I haven't tried any of these nail strips yet, so I'm excited to have a guilt free chance to give them a shot. I'm a little bummed to get this weird giraffe print, but I guess it could be worse. Maybe I'm destined to be a giraffe for halloween?
Fekkai Glossing Cream ($7.10) I love Fekkai shampoo and conditioner, so I'm excited to try the glossing cream!

LaRoche Posay Effaclar Duo, Dual Action Acne Treatment (Sample) I'm excited to try this, but I wish it was in a squeeze tube since I will probably not be able to use it all at once.

This box is an AMAZING value. The contents retail for $25 not counting the samples. And it's only $5. Shipping and packaging alone would cost me that much! I'm really disappointed by their shipping snafu, but assuming that works out, I think this box has a lot of potential.

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