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Saturday, April 20, 2013

Panty Fly April 2013

Panty Fly is a relatively new service offering three pairs of underwear for $7 a month or, if you purchase 3 months in advance, only $5 a month. Following last month's rave review, this month was a bit of a disappointment.
This pair is cute but it feels kind of slippery and cheap. Definitely the kind of pair that isn't "breathable." 
I LOVE this pair. The bow, the colors, the lace. Unfortunately, this pair is a size small...but I'm in their system as a size large and the other two pairs are larges. Totally unwearable unfortunately.

I like the lace on these but the print is a little loud for me. A more traditional leopard print would have suited me better. I tried these on and they do NOT fit true to size either. Maybe they shrunk in the dryer or something, but they fit more like a Victoria's Secret small or medium.

I did email them about the size mix up and they sent out another package right away to make it up to me. I'll be posting about that once I receive it, hopefully next week!

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