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Saturday, March 9, 2013

Jewelmint Timeless Mystery Box

I've never tried JewelMint (or any of the Mint sites), and I thought it was about time. I love jewelry, but $29.99 for one piece seems a little steep, and I've always been a little nervous about the mystery boxes (despite my love of surprises) because my taste in jewelry tends toward the safe side. Then I got an email for their "Timeless" box and I thought "Hey, this is great! That's exactly how I'd describe my personal jewelry style!" Then I promptly signed up. Each box was to include four to ten pieces. The box arrived pretty quickly, and I was pretty excited to see what was inside...after all, there are no spoilers for this one!

The packaging was nice; everything came in a box with a magnetic opening.

There was a card inside that said something about shopping getting "personal," but how personal is a mystery box really? There was no card detailing the contents of the box, the retail prices, nor suggestions on how to wear it.

The first items I saw were earrings. Luckily I have my ears pierced! The first pair was okay, but not something I would ever in a million years wear.
The second pair? Also earrings I would never wear...I'm sensing a theme here!

There was also a little velvet drawstring bag included. Hmm. I opened it up inside was a necklace. Also something I would never in a million years wear! I'm almost always thrilled with my subscription boxes, but this was obviously not a good one for me!

Finally, the last item (so much for "up to ten pieces") was something I can actually use. It's not my typical style exactly, but I'm happy to branch out a little bit. I'm not sure if I should describe this as a "watch" or a "bracelet." It's basically a faceless watch. Kind of bizarre, but I think I'll be able to rock it. Plus, I love the neutral shade and that it's adjustable!

All in all, this box was a huge loser for me. Only having one successful item is extremely disappointing.  Not only that, but JewelMint charges subscribers $39.99 every month on the first, then subscribers use their "credit" to pick out an item. Most similar services (Little Black Bag and Julep for example) send an email reminding everyone to either start looking at the showroom or skip a month, but I didn't get a similar email from JewelMint.

I ordered at the very end of February, so they charged me for March before I even received my first box. Technically this is my fault but I think it's kind of a shady business model. Perhaps my least favorite box to date, but I guess that you can't win them all! If anyone is interested in trying out JewelMint, new members can get two items for the regular $29.99 price with the code BETTER2 or one piece for $8.99 with the code PIECE8.

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