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Friday, June 14, 2013

Jennifer Love Hewitt Fancy Box Review May 2013

As always, Fancy shipped this box later than promised. Fancy has several celebrity curated boxes, and the newest is the Jennifer Love Hewitt box. May was its first month, though it arrived well within June. 

I don't think I've gotten a yellow Fancy box before.
Simple Wayfarer ($15) These are very low quality. I do like that they're nice and neutral. I also have a tendency to break or lose every pair of sunglasses ever, so I'm glad to have these for an occasion where I know I might not be as careful as I should be. (A beach trip, maybe?)
Bad to the Bone Turquoise Bracelet ($18) This bracelet is so not my style. Chunky, AND skulls? I'm not sure what to do with this, but I hate it.
Florescent Orange Cuffed Beanie ($20) I love beanies! I was surprised I never got one in any of my winter boxes. But now it's June, and June is NOT beanie season. I'm not sure what Jennifer Love Hewitt was thinking, but this was not a wise choice. Honestly, I don't think I can wear this during the winter either. It's really nice quality (made by American Apparel), but the color? I just can't pull it off. What would I wear it with? Hmm, I wonder if there's some way I could dye over the orange...or maybe I should just get into hunting.
Verse Headphones by Urban Beatz ($40) These absolutely made the box for me. I love the color. I don't have any decent over-the-ear headphones, so I'm thrilled to finally have a pair. They're pretty comfortable and the sound quality is actually pretty good.

Luckily, I got this box for about $6 (the box costs about $46 with shipping, but I had a $20 coupon code and a $20 voucher). I'm happy with what I got, but, really, I'll only be using the sunglasses and the headphones. Still well worth $6, but I'd never pay full price. I'll be canceling this subscription for now unless I see marked improvement or an awesome coupon code. To test it out for yourself, click here.

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