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Sunday, March 31, 2013

Bluum March 2013

I am back from vacation so I had LOTS of packages waiting for me upon my arrival! The first of these was March's Bluum box. Bluum has recently stepped up its game, offering full-sized items in boxes for $25 a month instead of samples at a lower price point.

So what's in the box? Here's the view when we open it up.

Of course the first thing we see is the Paul Frank monkey. ($4.49) He's pretty darn cute and his long skinny limbs are perfect for a toddler's small hands. He's soft, too, and he'll be easy to toss in a lingerie bag when he gets dirty (that's bound to happen).
The next items are food items, surprisingly enough. Apple rice cakes? ($2.99) Weird. Yogurt covered fruit snacks? ($3.27) Even weirder. Weirdness aside though, I think these will be tasty for toddlers and adults alike.
I'm not sure how to use this "bubble buddy" ($6.99), but I bet we'll figure it out. Bubbles are super messy of course, but they're perfect for toddler aged kids and I just know we'll have a blast with this.
I decided for this item not to take a picture and instead show you how it's actually intended to be used--it makes way more sense that way. It's the KidKonserve Kozy Snack ($4.50). These are basically reusable plastic circles with velcro on them to enclose snacks and sandwiches. The Bluum insert also says that it can double as a placemat in a pinch, which I could definitely see. These are a great idea, but the thought of having to mess with folding them so that no food is exposed and having to rewash them after each use makes these a no go for me. I'll try them, but I have a feeling I'll be back to Ziplocs before you know it.
Finally, they included a Burt's Bees tinted lip balm ($5) in Rhubarb as the gift for mom. This is great because I ALWAYS lose lip balms. And if I'm not losing them, I still pretty much always need one. I keep one in each purse, in my bathroom, on my nightstand, in my makeup bag, in the car, at work...you get the picture. I go through each one very slowly but I need a LOT. This one is extra nice because it has a little color to it without going overboard.

Additionally, enclosed was the My First Sticker Coloring Book ($2.91). I love this! The pictures are super simple for younger kids, and there are tons of small stickers that they can place as they please throughout the book. Definitely a good item!
My theme for March was "Spring Fling." I love the theme, but I just don't think it fits the box at all. Maybe the bubbles, since you blow them outside? I would suggest they just scrap the theme idea, because I loved the box otherwise! The value ended up being $23.16, but since shipping and tax and everything was included in my $25 payment plus I get to test out new products, this box was well worth it for me. I probably won't go for another one unless I can get a coupon code though.

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